Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine for Spring

Time to Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine for Spring


Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time switch up your skincare routine. Ditch those heavy products that are primarily geared toward moisturizing your skin, and opt for lighter formulations.

  1. Exfoliate your skin. Time to slough off the layers of dull, dry, flaky skin that piled up over the winter months. Use a chemical exofoliator containing BHA, AHA, or glycolic acid. Alternatively, a product such as Vivier’s Vitamin C scrub can also be very effective at getting your complexion back on track.
  2. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer. Thick, heavy creams are not your friend come spring. Try a light gel moisturizer or a lightweight or sheer cream formulation.
  3. Upgrade your SPF. While you should be wearing SPF year round, in the warmer months it is even more crucial to be diligent about it. Increase your SPF potency and reapply more frequently if you’re planning on spending more time outdoors.
  4. Incorporate a serum to repair dull skin. Use a water-based serum rather than an oil-based serum to revive your dull winter complexion.
  5. Swap out your cream or oil cleanser. This is the time to try a gel cleanser or a lightweight milky formulation.
  6. Use retinol more often. Since retinol can be drying, your skin may not be able to tolerate more frequent application in the winter months.
  7. Get a glow from a bottle. If you want a healthy sun-kissed glow, make sure to use a self-tanning product. Remember, there is no safe tan.
  8. Spring clean your beauty supplies. To prevent acne, ensure that your beauty supplies are clean, as they can be a breeding ground, for mould, yeast, and all sorts of bacteria.

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